About Jack Caine
Jack Caine
Residence: US Dallas, Texas

Jack has over 18 certifications and accreditations in lean, agile, leadership, coaching, facilitation and training and has coached, mentored, and trained over 2000 people in agile, scrum, kanban, SAFe, XP, and leadership in some of the largest organizations and companies. Jack is an accredited instructor for the Scrum Alliance's Scrum Foundations course, for continuing education under the Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider program (Agile & Scrum Fundamentals, Kanban Fundamentals, Design Thinking Fundamentals, etc.), for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), and for ICAgile. Jack is the author of 6 workbooks (available on Amazon) and dozens of articles (including "Mob Programming" published by the Scrum Alliance) and the editor of Jack's Agile Notebook. Jack has been heavily influenced by the work of Peter Senge, Donald G. Reinertsen, David J. Anderson, Eric Ries, David Marquet, Robert K. Greenleaf, Frederic Laloux, Jurgen Appelo, Sharon Bowman, Craig Larman, Henrik Kniberg, Woody Zuill, Charlie Munger, and others.