About Hans Læssøe
Hans Læssøe
Residence: DK Grindsted, Southern Region
Driving manoeuvrability as a competitive advantage

Hans Læssøe M. Sc. has 35 years of industry experience from the LEGO Group covering IT, manufacturing capacity planning, benchmarking and strategy, over product development, strategic planning and financial and strategic business controlling.

From 2007 Hans Læssøe established and lead the LEGO Group’s Strategic Risk Management function as a new entity. Over the years, this functional area was expanded to cover Strategic Scenario Planning, Project Risk and Opportunity management as well as Enterprise Risk Management. The processes and tools developed are today standard operating procedures at the LEGO Group. Over the years, Hans Læssøe and through him, the LEGO Group won multiple International awards for the competency and value of the efforts.

Hans Læssøe has been member of Danish, European as well as US risk management networks, and served on the RIMS Strategic Risk Management Development Council. Hans Læssøe is co-author of the RIMS Strategic Risk Management Implementation Guide.

Hans Læssøe is author and co-author of multiple articles in international magazines. In February 2018, Hans Læssøe published the book “Prepare to Dare” on implementing and leveraging risk management tools and processes to truly create value for the organisation. Hans Læssøe have also given multiple keynote and other speeches at conferences.

Hans Læssøe is a Certified Professional and Approved Lead Trainer on the ISO 31000 risk management standard.

In 2017 Hans Læssøe founded the consulting company AKTUS, where the name is based on the Danish words “Aktiv Usikkerhed”, i.e. Active Uncertainty and the belief that uncertainties are a fact of life. Hence as a business leader you may as well use these actively as leverage to drive competitive advantage. The perspective of AKTUS consulting is to go beyond traditional risk management and enable deliberate and intelligent risk taking.